How to Get Him Namdariand?


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

Do you know what the biggest missing piece that people have in their dating and relationship lives is?


Honestly, I see this a lot and I go into a lot of detail about this in today’s youtube video, but I’m so passionate about this I want you to know this here as well.


So what happens is, usually everybody believes that everything is ok with them and their love lives. Then, they go on and meet somebody fantastic.

THEN, some of the time, they get hurt and they weren’t prepared for that hurt so they get destabilised and unbalanced.

This is where, we get hurt or felt hurt, or misunderstood or we have unfinished business with somebody that we end up feeling stuck. Stuck trying to figure out what went wrong and why it went the way it did.

I have personally been there and I hate that. That feeling where you’re really and truly just stuck because your mind goes nuts trying to figure it out.

This is why I often say that we don’t need to figure things out, because usually if we stop trying to figure it out the answer comes out itself.

So, when we consider this, often we get unbalanced and we start searching for a missing piece.

We then discover that, after years of searching, that there was no missing piece. There was no problem. There was no real issue. Maybe it was a miss match. Maybe it was just the timing.

That there was nothing wrong with you. Maybe, through the dating experience, you stopped trying to be you.

Either way, that’s what it is like when I am working with people one on one.

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