How to be Interesting in Conversation! How to be More Attractive in Conversation – Ask Harvey #25


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I want to talk about conversations. That thing we do every day without noticing. That thing we take for granted.

Conversation, contrary to popular belief, is a technology, and like all technology’s goal, it is invisible.

It’s something that we use not only to interact with others but also… well… get other people attracted to us.

The thing is, we have taken conversation for granted. We use and abuse it so often that we forget the lost art!

So I want to share this with you!

Some missing arts when it comes to conversation, the lost arts that can make you so incredibly attractive to that special someone while simultaneously making you more interesting.

This is the stuff that when you learn it, you also become more interested in your workplace, with your friends. You capture attention and ensnare the mind!

So, there are three things I want you to learn about a conversation.

The First: THREADS

In a conversation, a topic is a thread. It’s a thread of a thought. Now, in a conversation, the best conversations are when you start a million threads but you hardly finish a few. You know those conversations with best friends that never go anywhere? that’s because you started a million threads.

Sure, in a meeting your job is to close the threads, but THIS IS NOT A BUSINESS MEETING!!!!

The Second: BEATS

Just like a dance, we have various beats when we have a conversation. In storytelling, this would be the emotion. The mixture of happiness and sadness is the thing that makes a conversation so deeply exciting.

THIS ALSO MEANS, that’s it’s ok to express negative emotion. This also makes it so very interesting!

The Third: …

The third… well… the third you’ll have to find out in the video! The video that I made to explain this in much more detail!!

Sure, I just explained it a little here, but I take it SO DEEP in the video!!!!

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