Let’s Talk About Commitment Issues… (Ask Harvey #91)


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It is time to talk about commitment issues! In this video we talk about commitment issues in a way that is rather unique, because not only do we break commitment issues down to it’s two greatest reasons, but we dive deep into one of sub-genre of commitment issues and give you a mindset solution on how to get out and through it! I can’t wait for you to watch it!

If we are honest, commitment issues do come down to two major reasons. Either a person is afraid of what being committed means, or they just aren’t that into you.

If they are afraid, it means they are afraid of what it means. What it means about them, and what it means about their life. Does their life have to change? Does it mean they have to change? Will they have to feel things they’ve been avoiding for a while? All of these subconscious questions arise and often are so hard pressed that somebody who is experiencing this reason of commitment issues can find themselves hard pressed to even think about commitment.

On the other hand, we have “they just aren’t that into you.” This means they aren’t picking up what you are putting down. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you, or that you should go change or work on yourself (although that can be a good call to action at the time). It just means that they were unsure about what they wanted, and you played a major role in their life in helping them decide that.

Sometimes this also means that you had them help you out as well, because wouldn’t it be nice if you dated somebody who wanted to date you back? I mean, that would be fantastic right?

So in the video, we talk about this in more detail, we also talk about relationship denial, and how to get past it, if that is your quest!

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