How to be more social (Ask Harvey #92)


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

Alright, in this video we are going to be talking about how to be more social! Learning to become more social in your social life is honestly, a blessing in disguise. Not only are you more known, but through your personal connections you tend to connect more with people but you also have your dating life suddenly work FOR you!

Isn’t that cool!

In this video, I talk primarily around three major ideas.

The first major idea is that we connect through stories. As we tell stories and hear stories, we are engaged on multiple levels, which is usually a logical and emotional level. Through stories, I find we can connect with each other a hell of a lot deeper and more powerfully because we are revealing parts of who we are.

The second major idea is that we want to establish connections with people. Even if it is a superficial “hello,” this hello can lead us to connect later on. It’s a bridge that can be expanded upon!

The third major idea is that we want to allow our energy to flow. Really, a lot of what we say is almost irrelevant when compared to the energy that we give each other as we connect. The more you mentally control a situation, the more confusing and complicated we tend to allow the connection!

Anyway, in this video, I talk about 6 ideas that can help you become more social. This is not about social anxiety, which I have plenty of videos on already. This is about what happens after that! I’m here channeling ideas about being more social, so I hope you enjoy the video!

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