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Do you know the two kinds of love?

Or better yet, do you know how to make him fall in love with you?

In order to answer the second question, which is one of the more COMMON kinds of question I get, I have to answer the first.

You see, there are in fact two kinds of love.

There’s this thing called NEED LOVE, where we fall in love with a person for a reason, and often this kind of love is so subconscious and within us that we don’t really notice it happening. It’s the kind of need love that’s looking for somebody to complete us, to fill a need in our lives.

This is where the phrase that says “we fall in love with the people who are like us or LIKE WHO WE WANT TO BE” comes from. I find there are two major kinds of BEST couples, the two that look and feel EXACTLY THE SAME or the two that LOOK AND ACT SO DIFFERENTLY. There’s no average here, because anything that’s kind of between these poles is missing just that, the POLARITY to make the attraction work.

And, do couples that act and look completely different end up looking and acting the same? You bloody hell are right they do. Two people who spend enough time together eventually end up doing and looking and living in similar ways. It’s a matter of time.

The second kind of love is FLOWING LOVE, this is where you end up falling in love with the person for their individual elements of what makes them a unique person.

Generally speaking, like a boat rocking on an ocean, two people can rock between need love and flowing love quite regularly in their lifetime, but it’s important FOR it to rock because a relationship that is just founded on NEED LOVE tends to die when the infamous “honeymoon period” comes to an end and the enthusiasm that brought two people together is over.

And, CAN NEEDS CHANGE? HELL YES THEY CAN. WHY? Because PEOPLE can change. That means sometimes couples drift apart but sometimes they can drift closer more than ever. Like a boat on the ocean, the kids of life can knock us about and that is never to be judged.

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