Where to meet men – Ask Harvey #35


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Oh yeah!

I’m sick of online dating! Are you? Sure, in some cases it causes some really awesome relationships and for people with less time to connect with people, but I also think it’s dulling us a little bit. If you’re trying to figure out a better place for where to meet men, this is for you!

For example, take a look outside! There are SO MANY PEOPLE, and yet we decide that we have no time to meet somebody, and in most cases, we are a little afraid!

That people are EVERYWHERE but we train ourselves to limit our relationships through screens.

Hell, we already do it! We watch youtube videos, we swipe and swipe and swipe on tinder, we hit each other up on Facebook! All for what?


So let’s put the human back in human connection!

I don’t wish to bash screens, because honestly, they are a tool that connects so many of us, so far and wide, but what I really want to do is show you that if we expand our options, life can be a hell of a lot sweeter when we interact with more people.

It’s time to break up with your phone!

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