This Mindset Will Transform Your Valentine’s Day (V-Day 2019 Mini-Series 2/3)


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Ok, so, It is time for part 2 of the Valentine’s Day Mini-Series!

In this video, we talk deeply about one of the biggest mindsets that you can have for Valentine’s day, but I warn you, it does require you to have high self-esteem!

You see, I’ve often found that there are two kinds of people that exist in this world, those that are looking after themselves and those that are looking after other people. Sometimes you’re going to be in a place where you have to look after yourself, and that is ok because it is what you need. Often when we are in that time, we invite other people into our lives to look after us.

On the other hand, if you really want to wow somebody, then you being in a state of giving, and a state of loving and looking after somebody is and will always be, the most powerful state to be in. Why? Because you’re no longer concerned about getting your needs met because you KNOW that you’ll have your needs met, and so, as a result, you have the energy to give to your partner!

At a core level, this is how you really rock their world, by giving. By seeing and feeling what they need. This happens when you are so clear of mind that you can see what a person is telling you what they need. This is usually written all over their face, if they aren’t saying it explicitly, they are saying it implicitly through everything they say and do!

So, watch this video, I talk more about the ultimate mindset for Valentine’s day!

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