Valentine’s Day Mini-Series Part 1: The Best Valentine’s Day Date!


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So guess what?!? Apparently, Valentine’s day is next week, and do you know what that means?

Yes that’s right, it’s time for the 2019 Valentine’s Day Mini-Series!!!! In case you didn’t know this, for the past few years I have produced a 3 part special video series on youtube about valentine’s day so you can try out new things and turn up the love and the spice in your love life.

Single? Check!
In a relationship? Check!
It’s complicated? TRIPLE CHECK!

I always love doing this series because it’s sort of fun to talk about Valentine’s day. I personally really do not take it seriously at all, so that’s sort of what I bring to this series each year. I’m here to remind you that it’s just another day, but still another day to love your partner!

So this year, I have 3 parts coming for you!


The first part which is out now is about the perfect Valentine’s Day Date… now I don’t want to spoil it here, but to give you a hint:

“It probably isn’t what you think it is!”

Now part 2 which is coming in a few days is about the perfect MINDSET for Valentine’s day! Isn’t it true what we think is usually what we get? Well, bam, holding this mindset in your mind will not only tune you in for an incredible romance but is an overall profound mindset for all your relationships as well!

Part 3 coming out ON VALENTINE’S DAY ITSELF (In Australia at least) is all about the sexy part… what happens later at night (or during the day if you two lovebirds get carried away). I share some of the biggest sex and lover secrets that take off all the pressure and allow you to not only connect with your partner more on an intimate level but really turn your whole body into a sex organ (transforming sex into a whole body experience). That’s pretty cool!

So you can say that we have a big two weeks ahead of us!

Now, I’ve already released the first one and you can watch it here!


But you can also jump on my youtube channel and set reminders for the other ones, they are there ready for you to see, but not ready for you to watch (using Youtube’s new Premier feature, you can see them stream live for the first time globally before it turns into a regular youtube video).

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