Nice guys finish last?


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Have you ever been on a date with a guy where he is nice? I mean… he is TOOOOOOO NICE! Like it feels like he is extremely precious around you, and in fact, he is just treading on eggshells?

I find this to be a common question women ask me, that they are going on dates with men that are often ~tooooooooooooo~ nice!

As somebody once said to me, “often good isn’t good enough,” and when a guy is being nice, he’s just trying to be good around you, because he thinks that’s what it takes for you to like him.

I know that it takes a lot more than just treating you like a precious leaf/petal to really allow you to connect with him.

RIGHT, so let’s fix this issue.

 I really just want to make it clear, there are two answers for this.

The first answer is simply put, you need to give him permission to be himself.

Some people have been DRILLED into thinking that the only way to a girl’s heart is through flowers and buying you things and treating you all the time… and while that is good sometimes it can make people feel pressured into doing things. If you say something like

“you don’t need to be so precious to me” or

“I’m a big girl, I’m not sure that you can keep up”

You’re going to communicate to him that he’s doing a bad job, but that he can step up and treat you like a NORMAL HUMAN BEING!

Also with this, guys love a challenge. It is actually hardwired in our brain to have a rush of dopamine when we conquered something. If you set yourself up as a challenge he’s going to get actually a little turned on.

Secondly, if he can’t step up, then he has to step out. Obviously, he has some hardwired problems that he needs to work on. This is a common issue I find with successful women when they meet a man who’s intimidated by their job. If he can’t step up and take your challenge then you can just slot him in the BOY category and not the MAN

You can watch the full video here 🙂

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