How to screen out creepy guys?


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This is not a rare issue I find.

That women often get confused by a man’s intentions.
Maybe you’re in a position you are an authority figure and you meet a lot of guys. After a while, I’ve found especially with people I’ve coached, that often a guy is more interested in the service provider than the actual service.
Similarly, how the hell do you know if a guy is thinking the same thing as you? Maybe you’re keen on him and you’re not sure if he’s into you, or he has a girlfriend.
I want to share with you a secret that I’ve been using, (that I also taught guys who were trying to figure out if a girl is into him) but you will find that it’s perfect if you use it to find out what a guy is thinking.
It really comes down to a thing called “SCREENING.”
It is a simple 3 step process but you have to do a little bit of homework!

Find out what YOU WANT!
This is a part where you need a bit more homework. You need to figure out exactly what you want for a relationship, and that particular interaction. Sometimes you might be running a business and you need a customer, not a boyfriend (but he wants the other), or otherwise you might be looking for a bit of fun and he might want something serious. WRITE IT DOWN! It seems annoying to write it down, but if you do this it will really start getting new parts of your brain working.

If you want to find out what STEP 2 and STEP 3 are, watch the full video below:


Alright, stay classy!
Sharam Namdarian 😉
Author, International Dating & Human Dynamics Coach

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