Revealed: What does this symbol mean?


What does this symbol mean? It's revealed today! The body image meditation. Love how you look, unconditionally.

Time for some answers!

The Symbol is the icon for the new meditation I’ll be releasing NEXT WEEK! It’s a symbol for the Body Image Meditation, a method of looking at your body and learning to love how you look, unconditionally. Through the meditation, you’ll be invited to look at your body.

Through a method of letting go, you’ll then be invited and lead through a process to shed layers of your perception that you might have around your body image. How you feel about how you look. Once those layers have been shed, what is left is pure connection and appreciation for what you look like.

I invented this while on my process to creating a “Weight-loss via meditation” method and realised that no matter what I was doing, I still was feeling weird about certain aspects of my own image. Now, here we are. The body image meditation.

Coming out next week!

When you shed those layers about how you look, what is left is your pure unconditional love for your own appearance.

Turn the person into the mirror into a new best friend.

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