Today I was in an accident (my relationship with men)


Today I was in an accident and I learned something about how my relationship with men was and how I thought I should be treated.
Today I was in an accident, nothing major but I’m typing this email from the doctors to make sure it isn’t anything serious.

That’s not actually the reason why I’m emailing today. It’s not because of the accident but the thing that happened immediately afterwards.

Ad the story goes:

You see, I was driving a little electric buggy around the Melbourne Wholesale Market. It was a little electric buggie half way between a car and a golf cart with a big tray on the back. Out of nowhere a forklift came and slammed into me and spun me around.

Then the weirdest thing happened to me:
– people came to help.

Now, I don’t know about you, but people came to help and they were more concerned about my health than the health of the buggie. Strange but to me this wasn’t how it was meant to go.

Normally, in the past, if I’ve ever had anything like this happen, I’m used to people telling me off for getting into an accident. By people, I’d say mostly my father. It’s happened for most of my life. As a result, I never learned to process this and I sort of expect people to scale me if I’m in an accident. If you’ve ever felt similar please email me back now with your story.

So, back to the accident. What happened was that all these men came out of the various stands, and they all asked me and looked at me making sure I was ok. That my welfare and physical health was the most important aspect of this situation. 

Then it hit me.

For most of my life I have been emotionally stunted when it came to relationships with men. I’ve rarely let my guard that down as much as is true to me, and always got more along with women than men. I can blame my father, but really it’s chicken and egg. Both his effect on me, my effect on men, and all those situations and people added up.

You see, I’ve been working on myself, as I do. My personal healing practise that I teach is called “loving your way through it” and as a result, I’ve been more open hearted than ever before.

It seems that I was ready for a huge healing moment, because that weird part of the accident, the part that had me confused with all the men asking if I was ok… that felt like it was every single moment I had wished I had a better connection with my father/friends/men had all manifested at once. Every single person looking at me to see if I was ok represented a situation being healed and a moment in time I wish was different. It felt… well both freeing, shocking and a little bit angry.

The thing is, the major point of this email that I want to get across is that energy has no friction. If you’re ready for it, the universe will give it to you. It doesn’t matter how much, how little, or what. If we are 100% ready for it, it comes. It’ll come in the path of least resistance and it comes hard, fast and in weird and wonderful ways.

We just have to make space for it. Heal the shit around it, love the patterns and get ready for more.

In this example I wanted a better connection with men and my father, and since I was ready for more, WHAM! It came all at once.

All. At. Once!

have you had anything like this happen? Please let me know.

(if you want to know, people forced me to go tok the doctor and the doctor says I’m fine)

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