How to Love Yourself


This is a video about the falsities of self love, and how the truest way to love ourself is to shed the layers that hold us back from who we are.

Want to learn how to love yourself? In this video, we talk deeply about self love, what it means and how most people get it wrong.

It is really easy to say that self love and self care is looking after yourself, and to a huge part of this, it’s true. Instead of looking at self love as something that you do, I’d love for you to consider it as something that you are.

That beneath all the layers we have developed over our life time, we are somebody who is full of love. That we don’t “need” self love per se, but rather we have to shed the layers that hold us back from it.

So I propose, instead of working on self love, how to love yourself is about shedding the layers that hold us back from our natural feel good states. Our natural self love states.

The layers that we have developed over time are often the very thing that holds us back. It’s the same in my self love meditation, we are truly on a quest to shed our layers, not to add more layers.

Layers like “I have to feel good all the time” or “I’m not sure who I am” that aren’t the real us. Layers that we have developed to protect ourself then to make us feel good within the walls we have created.

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