I want you to stop saying “Things Take Time” you goofball! (Ask Harvey #88)


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

In this video, we talk about why “good things take time” is an absolute lie, and really, the act of telling ourselves this is the very reason why things take time. What we believe is what we create…

So really, saying “things take time” is an absolute lie, because I bet there are times that things happen really quickly. Usually, in life, the biggest and best things that happen to us are in a moment and an amazing moment at that.

Decisions we make, things we decide to do or commitments we make are often a result of letting go! When this happens, we become closer to who we are. Saying things take time is often what people say to themselves when they are in pain because things took too long to manifest. Letting go of that pain is often the very thing that speeds the whole process first!


Thanks for in advance for watching 🙂

Sharam Xx


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