What anger means


Learning what anger means is about learning to surrender to the anger and let it evolve into it's next form. Truely, anger is power made manifest.

Anger is power made manifest.

Anger, when we experience it, is a very powerful emotion.

When we feel it, often it is because we have suppressed it.

When we feel angry, it is like energy trying to leave the body.

When it does leave the body, it comes out as action asserting it’s dominance on the world.

You see, when we get angry, it’s often because our boundaries have been violated. We get angry because somebody has pushed us in directions we didn’t want to be pushed.

So why is anger seen as bad?

Anger is seen as bad because most people suppress it and it builds up. When it builds up that is when it gets out of hand. That is when we explode and it manifests as behaviours we often feel ashamed about.

When surrendered to, the energy of anger moves and becomes something else.

When surrendered to, we become freer. The feeling of anger shifts into positive action. Once fully surrendered to, the emotion evolves into its next form.

There’s obviously more to it, but that’s it for now!

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