What Lesson Would You Tell Your Past Self?


In this newsletter, we talk about your past self, and if anything, what you would send back to your past self in order to empower your life.

Let’s turn back the clock, and ask an odd question this week…

This week, I come to you as a wizard. A very special wizard. This kind of wizard has the sorts of powers that can help you turn back the passage of time but in a unique way.

You see, I’m a time travel lesson wizard. The kind of wizard that can change the future, but by sending back a “thing” to the past. A “thing” that can only take the form of a thought.

A single thought!

I know what you’re thinking, for a wizard that is a pretty lame power, but think of it this way.

You could change the whole direction of your life. You could make it different, or exactly the same.

Now, as this Wizard, I’ve seen one thing. Sending things back never changes a life by much. It’s almost impossible. We are who we are, so we are almost destined to live the life we are meant to lead. Mistakes, heartbreaks and victories are all meant to be had. It is because of who we are that we take those paths.

But, sending a thought back can do one thing.

It can speed up the process to it’s natural speed.

It’s interesting, but you’ll notice that most people are slowing themselves down. They sabotage themselves with uncertainty and insecurity. Although one could argue that that is “where they are meant to be” at the time (and I say that a lot actually), there is a thing, as your humble neighbourhood wizard, that I’ve learned.

It’s this:

We know it when we aren’t living the life we are meant to be leading. We just know it.

We know we should be doing better, more, something! We all have a clear idea of who we are and what we want, and sometimes that difference between the life we are leading is so different it can hurt. That’s when we get to the realm of numbing, but that’s something for another email.

So, as a wizard, you come to me, and I have an interesting question for you.

As your wizard, I ask you the following:
“What lesson do you want to send back?”

You can send back ONE lesson. Implant it into you at birth. Have it with you for your entire life. It’ll be unshakable. What would that be?

So, what will it be?

What lesson through your entire life would have served you well a lot sooner? What idea would have helped you years ago that now we get to send back?
(Please email this to me before continuing to read, I want to know)

For me, I’d say “Trust yourself more” but if it wasn’t for my life’s lessons I wouldn’t have learned to trust myself. And that is the wizard’s secret.

What I, the wizard, am not telling you, is that you had this lesson all along inside you. No lesson you can ever send back is something you do not already know. 

Sometimes, just sometimes, we need something from the world to help bring it out of us…


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Until next time!

Live life on your terms!
Sharam Namdarian

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