Inner Power Vs Fake Power


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

Inner Power, Inner Love, Inner Happiness, is not what people think it is.

I’m going to make today’s email short because well, it’s valentine’s day. 

I’ve found, that through all my travels into the heart and mind of humanity, that there are some people who think being a strong person is about being strong. They don’t want to be hurt, so they decide they were going to be strong, and that strength ends up being the very thing that limits them.

Strength, I’ve found, is not about outmuscling another person. It’s not about having layers that hold you from being hurt or about knowing every little tip and trick along the way.

Strength, I’ve found, is about one thing.


If we are vulnerable, we are actually shedding layers. If you follow my videos on love, you’ll know all I almost every seems to talk about these days is shedding layers. Shedding the layers of hurt, and the pain, and the grief that we have gone through.

This is why I mention vulnerability. It takes vulnerability to decide you’re going to trust yourself. It takes vulnerability to decide you’re ok being hurt. It takes vulnerability to decide that you are going to give things a go, and say what you want even though you might get it wrong.

It takes vulnerability to ask for what you want, even though you might not know the best way to do so, and that vulnerability takes strength.

In the end, it’s these vulnerable people that end up having more love in their life. They are open to it, they’ve made space for it, they are not attempting to muscle their way through others to get it, but rather are so drawing and alluring than others seek refuge in them.

It’s the way of the water, not the rock, that lasts the generations. Rock will always be shaped by water.

I’ve often noticed that people who attempt to be vulnerable, or who are forced to be vulnerable, end up having some major shift in their life. Then, seeing how it worked so well, they attempt to control it. This control ends up chocking their flow of energy because they’ve attempted to rush the process.

There’s only one way to heal, that is to love your way through it. This is the way I do it, it’s the process that I’ve systemised through almost a decade of working with people and myself, and just like life, it will not work if you attempt to rush it.

It’s the natural process that we go through to heal, except it ends up speeding up the process to it’s natural pace, rather than taking years because we avoid the very emotions we need to feel. It’s the conclusion most healers eventually get to, you’ll find that most people just put their own name to it.

I find, we get what we want, if we are patient and trust ourselves, and the “loving your way through it” process took me years because I needed to learn every little thing I could about healing

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