What to do if he wants nudes (Skips a Step) – Ask Harvey #22


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Do you ever find that some guys just try and rush a relationship?

I mean, you’re going well and all of a sudden he is pushing for nudes? Maybe he’s pushing for something that you’re just not ready for. Maybe it’s sex, maybe it’s sexy photos, maybe it’s something he KNOWS you’re not ready for…

Well, most people say “ditch the bitch.” Sure, you can do that, but it’s NOT always going to help you out. What if you like him? Then that son-of-a-bitch is somebody that you’re actually pretty into, so ditching him becomes a little bit more complicated than that right?

Instead, we want to TEST him. Test people to see where he is at. What he actually wants or likes. I have previously sent you a message in a video that is about how to set it up for a relationship, but now it’s time for something stronger.

So, I want to introduce you to a JOLT. A JOLT is one of the 4 language strategies that I teach people. It’s something that you can do that is so powerful it will test him, test his masculine essence and communicate to him “man, you better straighten up and fly right, otherwise you’ll fly right out there.”

This is a strength.

So, let’s look at the situation a little bit deeper before I give you the message. Honestly, you’re being pressured by this guy. This is a message you can send when you’ve been pressured a fair bit, and it will pressure him back and push him back to realising that he has to respect your boundaries.

Because guess what! You might want to send him nudes, but NOT YET. You might want to sleep with him, but NOT YET. Sure, a lot of men process emotion quite sexually, so you just have to communicate in his language.

So, the message you can send…

are you ready for this????

It’s simply:

“Come on man, I thought you were better than this!”


It’s powerful and simple.

And in this message, you’re going to get a few potential responses.

I’ve recorded a video that talks about WHY THIS is so powerful, so I really hope you watch it because in this video I talk about the three responses. So make sure to watch it! I also talk about it in great detail about why this message works and what a jolt is in general.


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