Why sometimes we have to let go


Why we have to let go is an interesting take on a phenomena that occurs to everybody. There's a series of events that will happen through a breakthrough, but first we have to believe it.
There’s a really interesting thing that happens in the universe, and it’s related to breakups.

This has happened in my life, happened with the lives of the people I’ve worked with, my friends, my family, with thousands of people around the globe, and maybe even you.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, and I do not have a name for it just yet.

Maybe you can help me come up with a name?

So the phenomenon goes like this:

1. A person is frustrated with something that is happening.
2. The frustration leads the person to decide to give up/break up/end something they wanted to end.
3. They fully believe 100% they want to end it.
4. They start to let go.
5. Something happens that re-invigorates it.

At the end of 2018, this happened to me. I had a sales call from a guy trying to sell me on a coaching program and when discussing funds I just couldn’t afford it. I was so defeated because in my head I had such a big ego about it all.

I was Mr.Dating Coach. That was my identity, and in my mind, I was destined to make a lot of money. The truth is I wasn’t, or not as regularly as I’d liked, and not as much as my persona made it seem. It was also around this time that I ran out of money and had to move back with my parents for a year. Boy was that a hard journey.

The thing is, I spent most of last year sorting myself out, learning how to heal and I’ve basically systemised it to the point that two incredible things have happened.
1. Life seems to work for me so well and it just keeps getting better.
2. The people who are in my life’s lives improved as well. 

Because love has a flow-on effect. It heals everything it touches.
You get it by reading these emails as well.

Another example of this phenomena is a person I met recently who I’ve been working with on her love life.

So far the story went, she realised she was resenting a business she had, it was distracting her from her potential dream relationship (taking too much energy) and then she decided to start letting it go. Not only did that freed up energy manifest an awesome connection with somebody within the next 24 hours, but that very same somebody is brilliant with business ideas and now she’s reinvigorated with it.

Another third example would be a common one with the people who have hired me in the past. A break up occurs only for them to get back together.

Sometimes, when we break up with something, it’s not the whole thing. Only a portion of it.

I digress. With a fair few examples here, maybe you’ve got a similar situation in your life? Where you a thousand per cent thought it was the end, only to have yourself gravitate back towards it. Please email me now about it.

I can bet you 100% that you fully did not expect for it to work out.


When we are in our darkest place, and accepted loss, that’s when we learn to love what we have. When we love what we have, that’s when life starts working for us.

P.S. before I forget!
I’m really happy to be back emailing you guys once a week and I am super in love with all the responses I’m getting. It really supports me support, you guys. Abundance now, for me, comes in all shapes and sizes. Every email that comes through means a lot and while you guys don’t get to see them, I do, and I might take my time to reply, but when I do it’s always because of a genuine expression.

Thank you for taking the time to email back.

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Until next time!

Live life on your terms!
Sharam Namdarian

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