3 Ways on How To Get Over Social Anxiety + Shyness (Ask Harvey #79)


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It is time to talk about social anxiety…

Have you ever felt social awkward or anxious? Maybe you’ve been in a group of friends but as soon as somebody leaves you’re feeling a little bit absent?

Maybe you’ve felt like you’re not quite sure what to say in social situations or that you may even try and preplan some topics to talk about?

Perhaps you’ve been in a situation where you wanted to say one thing but completely didn’t do it at all!

Well, it is time to talk about social anxiety, in a way that you’ve probably never heard of before.

So, as somebody who has personally spent a good majority of their life trying to solve their own social anxiety, I can tell you this:

The way out is not through it, but by looking at it.

Let me tell you a bit of my story with my battles with social anxiety. Maybe you can get something out of this.

For years I had battled with it. Growing up I was super social, but due to meeting and listening to the wrong people, I had LEARNED social anxiety. Yes, it is learned. You aren’t born with it, you learn it from other people. It is somewhat like a plague. So, I had battled with it, and told myself that the way out was to force myself to be social. I had done that for years, forced myself to go out to bars when I was so in my head. Even sometimes by myself, which at the time was so nerve-wracking that I was proud of myself for.

After all of that, all I had learned was coping strategies, not how to get out of it. Since then though, I have learned something HUGE about social anxiety, that helps me even coach other people through it as well.

When you have truly beat it, it is going to be like you never had it in the first place.

Yes, I do mean it like that, that you’ve never had social anxiety to begin with. Imagine if you never had it? Imagine what life you would have lead? Imagine who you would have met?

These are all the questions that I love.

So this week on youtube, I have released a new video. In this video, I talk a bit more about my experience with social anxiety as well as 3 major tips that I have about it. This is stuff that I normally will lead people through in my private coaching sessions.


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