What is More Attractive (Ask Harvey #63)


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Hey! Seems like an obvious question… but it’s worth asking.

What is more attractive?
Happiness, or sadness?
What is more powerful?
Being excited or being fearful?

The reason why I ask this is that I find, a lot of people get what is most radiant and powerful about them confused with what is needy.

Because, as we all know needy behaviour sort of pushes people away right?

But in my humble opinion being needy isn’t the thing that pushes people away! It’s our inability to recognise that we are powerful. That is when we look to other people for our source of happiness. That’s when we start taking from the relationship.


So, what is more attractive?

Being excited and passionate about life or trying to be a bit cautious with another person?

Most people shut themselves down out of fear and then resort to games to make things work.

This might not even be you. Have you ever seen a couple just take a turn for the worse we forget what made it work in the first place! How crazy is that?

In the end, we look for things like “how to make it work” when really, it was the thing that you did at the start of the relationship that made it work!

It was being attractive and letting that side of you flow (hopefully). I’d really love for you to find more about this, so this week I’ve made a whole new video on this topic.

Talking about attraction, and why that is an important skill to master. It’s one of those things that solves a HELL of a lot of problems, from emotional barriers to dealing with “the talk.”

SO, what is more attractive?



Please watch this video afterwards. There were some people that misunderstood what I said, and wanted to point out that “it’s ok to be sad.” This is true. Please watch the video below for more information on this.

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