How to deal with Haters! (Ask Harvey #97)


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Haters! Oh to deal with haters! If you want to learn how to deal with haters, in this video I’m going to share some incredible insights that not only take all the pressure off but also allow you to deal with the person in front of you and see them for what they are ACTUALLY saying, not the hate in front of them!

There is a simple idea with haters.

With haters or negative people, it is very easy to attempt to push them away. For some, it doesn’t feel good to be treated that way, so as a result, we feel uncomfortable and seek to feel good about it all again. Pushing them away does not help us because then we never get to experience what is really going on.

In this video, I talk about this from my own experience, as a human, but also as a public figure. When we deal with haters in this particular way, we start to realize that this is part of our human expansion. That people are really trying to feel good about themselves, and sure, sometimes they do that through trying to put us down, but when we call them a hater, is that also not an act of violence? We de-humanize them because they de-humanize us? That doesn’t seem right to me!

So without delay, let’s watch the video 🙂

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Pretty soon, after this video, when you learn about dealing with haters, life becomes much easier. Through this key understanding, you’ll find that people will actually oppose you less, or if they do, they aren’t even in your reality anymore. That you almost can’t see them. When you can’t see them, things in your life seem to flow so much better!

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