What is the LETTING GO process + How can you use it to achieve your dreams (Ask Harvey #96)


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What is the letting go process? Well, honestly, contrary to popular belief it isn’t about forcing yourself to not think or feel a certain way, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. In this video, we talk about the letting go process and how it intricately works with your day to day life. I also talk about how the letting go process has even effected my own life!

When I read people’s comments or talk to people, I often observe that letting go is a common theme.
“I need to let go of this,” or “I need to let go of that,” but what I hear from them is,
“what I really need to do is force myself to stop thinking about it!”

What that does is it actually SUPPRESSES the emotion. When we suppress it, we aren’t actually letting go of it, but saving it for a later date. We are covering it up, like a messy house. Does covering a mess in a house actually clean it up? FUCK NO! All it does is make the place messier!

Well, the same goes for emotions. Without the letting go process, all you’re doing is forcing yourself to stop feeling it, which suppresses, which ultimately it will boil up and explode inside you and manifest in ways that weren’t ideal.

Anyway, without delay, we have the letting go process video!

Watch it on youtube here. 

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