Friendzoned? How to move on after being friendzoned! (Ask Harvey #98)


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Friendzoned? In this video, we are going to be discussing what happens after you’ve been friendzoned and how to completely get over a person without having to force yourself to do it. Keep watching!

Why you shouldn’t force yourself to move on after being Friendzoned!

When you’ve gone through any form of break up, or in this case, being friendzoned, it’s worth recognizing that you shouldn’t be forcing yourself to move on since doing so will suppress your emotions. It is really easy to think that you should move on because it feels uncomfortable being in this situation, but by forcing yourself through it, all you’re ever doing is missing most of the lessons you were need to learn. During the process, you were meant to process the emotions. You were meant to feel what you’re going through, and trying to get forward if you feel uncomfortable can really force you to miss most of the lessons you needed to learn. We can call this process conscious uncoupling.



At the end of the day, our ability to feel our emotions is also the equivalent to our self-love. When we try and force ourselves to move on, all we are ever doing is teaching ourselves that we are not enough or that our emotions are to be avoided. When we avoid our emotions, we avoid almost everything that is beyond that emotion. This is when usually our next partners are considered re-bounds or even therapists. We couldn’t love ourselves so we needed somebody to love us instead. This isn’t bad, it just is hard to connect with somebody after you’ve finally gotten past the emotional issues that were created through suppressing your emotions.

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