How To Get Back With Your Ex (Ask Harvey #85)


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Well well well! You want to get back with your ex huh? Well, in this video (below) you’ll learn some of the intricate and key understandings to getting back with your ex, so you can not only understand HOW to get back with your ex but WHY!

The reason why I bring up a lot of “why” getting back with your ex is important. All too often a person will come to me and ask how to get back with their ex, but really what they really want is to heal. It’s a really common occurrence. HOW is really simple, and we do talk about this in the video, but if your WHY you want to get back with your ex is off, you’ll really run the risk of pushing that person away and even making things worse!

With a lot of things that I talk about, this is about self-love. A lot of people want to get back with their ex because they are incapable of making themselves feel happy and the person that they pushed away or pushed them away (their ex) helped them be happy. So it’s interesting because usually, the reason why we need somebody is the reason why we push that person away.

Also in the video below, we talk about the state of love, and the state that I work with people to achieve, that when you achieve, it doesn’t matter if you get your ex back or you do, and when you’re in that state you’re also purely giving. And give you will. If they want you back or if you’re destined to be back together, THIS is the state that it will happen in, not a state of force. You cannot force love, you can only invite it to stay. Love yourself!


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