How to get over the fear of being judged


In this newsletter we talk about how to get ovet the fear of being judged. Honestly, the short version is: do you like you?

Ok, so here’s the low down.

The fear of being judged is real.

It is a real fear. I’ve felt it, and maybe you have from time to time. If you haven’t at least once in your life you’re a god! Even now as I mostly don’t feel it as I used to still get it from time to time.

I want to now talk about the fear of being judged because for some this can be quite debilitating.

When you’re thinking or feeling like you want to do something but you’re afraid of the other people’s judgements of you. When you are constantly thinking about other people’s reactions of you.

While I do talk a lot about emotional surrender, and yes, that is the long term solution (I facilitate this in my private coaching if you haven’t already booked a call) one thing or idea that can help you along this journey to start waking you up is this:

Often we are afraid of other people’s reactions because we aren’t 100% certain in our decisions. Maybe we’ve hurt somebody with our past actions or maybe somebody has shut us down in the past and we kept it up while they aren’t around.

To summarise years of expertise in one sentence, we fear other people liking our actions or thoughts but what about you?


If you’re afraid of people liking you, the big question to ask yourself is DO YOU LIKE YOU?

Not a small amount of love, but a deep understanding and certainty.

A younger me would stress about people’s reactions to me, my thoughts and desires. I was afraid of rejection because I was secretly rejecting myself years before they were.

A much more mature me knows the difference. Knows that I LIKE ME. 

Now, there are MANY MANY MANY reasons why people might fear being judged. This is just one such of an example. If you’re feeling like you don’t know a way out of your own self-judgements, feel free to book a free call with me if you have not already done so. It’s free, it’s not a sales call and usually, when people work with me privately they have paid thousands for this sort of breakthrough. 

On the call we break down many barriers that are holding you back, the only way how, THROUGH THEM, not with ideas that make you feel like you’re making progress but really you haven’t done anything.

I am pretty excited about the future actually. I’ve got a new online course coming out soon called UNLOCK YOUR DESIRE that you’ve got to keep an eye out for.

It’s a 6 session audio coaching program that is around surrendering and unlocking blocks that hold us back from creating the thing we want to.

In this course, I will lead you through various stages of emotions we might feel about our emotions and also, lead you through a process that will help bring up suppressed desires.

Sometimes the reason why we haven’t made any action in our life is that we haven’t fully embraced what we want yet. In this course, this is the outcome.

More info here: CLICK HERE


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