Why They Pull Away?


This video is about why they pulled away. We open up our mind to layers, why they pulled away and how we did everything "RIGHT" but that was the very thing that screwed it up.
Why They Pull Away?

Why They Pull Away? This is a quick video, sharing the dynamics of why sometimes they disappear after we do everything right? Now, this video isn’t for everybody. This video is for those people who really feel that no matter what, they did everything right and it STILL didn’t work out?!?

So what is the deal with this?

Really simple. It’s about layers. It’s always been about layers. We hide our truth with layers, hide that we feel needs or want something or want to say something. We block it off, we are blocked from it, and as a result, find it hard to share OUR truth. As a result, people can feel that disjointed feelings. That’s why they pull away. It’s often quite a service to us.

This is a common situation I encounter while coaching people. It’s an ATTEMPT to do everything right. Everything that logically makes sense, but since it doesn’t come from a deeper place, we end up pushing them away. Maybe it is because secretly we are needy, or we secretly want validation. Regardless, we often aren’t really in a good place, and they can feel that. They can not only feel who we are as a person, but they can feel all the layers. All the confusion, all the anxiety, and unless they are attracted to that, we end up pushing them away.

On the flip side, when we accept those layers, we love them, we integrate them, they become us. We end up allowing ourselves to do everything right, from a good place, from a profound place and have mental and emotional space for people in our lives. Not from a place of need, but from a place of want.

And people can feel that. They always will.

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