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Honestly, when I talk about sexual alignment, we aren’t talking about gender or orientation. That’s stuff you guys can sort out in your own time.

What I really mean, by sexual alignment is the experience that you want to have, because that is the foundation in which all other experiences grow.

In this week’s youtube video, we discuss this and a lot of questions, but in case you never click through to the video, I really want to provide you as much value as I can.


SEXUAL ALIGNMENT is about defining the experience you want and feeling what that would be like.

Most people don’t really define this, so they end up getting whatever comes to them. I’d suggest, taking time to feel how amazing it could be. How amazing it should be when you connect and become intimate with somebody who cares about you, that you genuinely vibe with. Imagine that? That deeper enriching connection. This isn’t just about sex, you and I both know this. This is about freedom. Sexual, personal freedom.

Consider sex as a microcosm of your relationship. Whatever you feel, you express. If we align with what you want to feel, your sexual relationship will change to follow suit.


because it’s an energetic flow.

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