The Dimensions That People Live In

The dimensions that people live in is an article discussion the nature of the dimensions of relationships that people live in. How their relationships are shaped by it and what you can do about it.

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How to Love Yourself

This is a video about the falsities of self love, and how the truest way to love ourself is to shed the layers that hold us back from who we are.

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The Colour of Love

When I say clear, I say the colour of the water. Water is formless, water is see-through, water is transitory. It holds space, and in many ways is reflective. After being a coach for almost a decade, I’ve often noticed one thing about love.

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I have abandonment issues also

“Take love for example:
People are doomed to repeat situations until they accept them.
Once they love the very thing they reject, they are free to move forward. They are capable of moving forward as well. In most cases, they either know deeply how to move forward and in the rest, they know what to do in order to at least learn.”

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