The Dual Nature of Emotions: Are You Stressed or are you Excited?


In this video we discuss the dual state of emotions. The two modes in which emotions exist and how one is a stuck energy and the other is healed.

In this video, we talk about the dual nature of emotions. That is, that they often have a flowing version (i.e. healed) or a stuck version.

A stuck emotion is often an emotion that we as humans are stuck with. One that we either are suppressing or rejecting. An emotion, if you will, that we push away or have trouble experiencing.

A flowing emotion, on the other hand, is an emotion that has either started to be healed or healed itself. One might describe the sensation you can experience with this emotion as flowing. As our body knows how to heal it our body proceeds to heal it. Life times of pain come out and as it is experienced our body will experience a form of enlightenment (i.e. no longer feeling as heavy or as dark).

In this video, we discuss this concept deeply, so check-in for a wild ride.

Watch the whole thing to see why you should be excited about the future.

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