It’s time to Shed Layers and Love Yourself (Ask Harvey #78)


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It is time to give up.

It is time to give up on everything that holds you back.

We have become our own worst enemies. Nobody in life will ever hurt us as much as we hurt ourselves, and as consequence, as a race, we have become numb and rendered ourselves lost in the attempt to discover love.

The irony was, love was never discovered but created. We create it in every moment. When you read this text, when you look at an artwork and when you love your partner. Love is flowing through you and shared.

You participate in love, as you participate in life.

So what holds us back? What holds you back? Please let me know.

In the past what has held me back personally was the idea of projection. I projected (and still become aware of this process today) all over somebody else and everybody else. That there was “stuff” going on inside me that I was not aware of, nor ready to be aware of, so my body projected it onto somebody else.

“They aren’t communicating properly” translates to,
“I am not communicating properly.”

“They don’t like me,” translates to,
“I don’t like me.”

I found myself projecting all over people. Anything that I disliked or felt uncomfortable about with somebody else was what I felt uncomfortable about myself.

So this is why, more than anything else, I talk about self-love. Self-love is not the idea of attempting to make yourself feel good, which allows sometimes for only momentary relief, but the allowance of your authentic self to breath through your life. To allow yourself to feel pain, love, joy, hurt, jealousy. When you allow yourself to feel it, you not only shed layers, but you access deeper parts of you. Those parts pass, those hurtful experiences that were associated with them almost fade away instantly. It is impossible to remember past trauma when the relating emotion is no longer there. If the “root cause” or “root pain” is no longer being experienced, all the associated memories also fade.

You learn to forgive yourself. You learn to love yourself. You learn to surrender to your higher self. Your inner self. Your true self.

So it is time to shed layers.

This week, in association to this movement in the hearts of people, I have produced a video to go alongside this. To help people understand the shedding of layers. Emotional layers.

So watch the video now.

It is time to shed layers.

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