How to Stop Self Sabotaging


Time to stop self-sabotage. This guide is a first step to breaking through your own self-sabotage. In this video, perspective shifts are supplied.

Ok, so I want to tell you first what self-sabotaging actually is.

Often self-sabotage is not often what we think it is. We don’t self-sabotage because there is something wrong with us, we self-sabotage because we are actually returning to what is “normal” for us.

We can’t let ourselves grow because we are uncomfortable with feeling good. We just aren’t practised with it.

So here is a profound solution.

Here’s the original question:

“Your a blessing! I’m not sure how I stumbled across your page. But I love listening to you. Although I have a hard time understanding what your meaning by feeling it and letting it go. I seem to be the person who fears getting hurt so i self sabotage. I create issues when there is none. I cant even have sex without constant questions in my head like. “If I give him my soul then he will hurt me”

” maybe I dont even really know what love is* “what if I hurt him because I’m so lost myself? also one of the biggest things is being self conscious that hes faking it because I cant be good enough fear questions like “what if hes thinking bad things about me and only doing this and acting as if I’m amazing to not hurt my feelings” so in turn what do I do? I self sabotage. Nomatter how many times I tell myself there’s nothing wrong with me, those feelings are quickly squashed by my soul telling me “if u were good enough so many people wouldn’t have hurt you”

I have felt it. But I still fear it. So how do I even get past that?
Weather you ever read this comment or not, I guess I just needed to write it to see the pain in words. Hoping somehow rereading it I could fix all my damage. But i think I’m too far gone. Thanks for trying…”

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