What is a Vibration? #HealingFoundations


Time to learn what a vibration is!? Law of attraction mixed with deep pshcyology, a vibration is a word to describe a number of things relating to ability.

What the hell is a vibration?

In this video, we discuss this.

We discuss the idea of a vibration in a way that is common but also simultaneously not common. When we say something is “high vibration” we refer to a person’s acumen in an area but also their aura. What they tolerate, what they actively create and what they don’t tolerate, and what they don’t actively create.

A person with a high money vibration, for example, has the ability to create money opportunities but also will attract said opportunities. They also might not tolerate situations where they don’t have an income or savings.

So overall, this is very interesting because looking at aspects of life in terms of vibrations is a powerful lexicon to help you navigate your life as well as healing and surrender.

Thanks for reading and for watching in advance Xx

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