Do you dull yourself to keep yourself small?


If you've ever dull or dulled yourself to keep yourself small, often that is an intense attribute of self sabotage. Keeping you safe but small.

Also, the fear of gaining weight.

In this video, we discuss a HUGE amount of different breakthroughs I’ve gone through recently. All stemming from one thing:

The fear of gaining weight.

I don’t know about you but I was afraid of it. As a result, as I healed my relationship with that I realised there was a small aspect of myself that loved that feeling. That I LOVED feeling like I was gaining weight. More specifically, I loved being afraiad.

Now that’s sort of weird to say, especially outloud. The fear of itself comes with a whole bunch of attributes. It can come with excitement, it can come with pain. A myriad of emotional payouts that we often don’t realise we are getting from it.

Upon a deep realisation like this, I experienced a HUGE other wave of emotional breakthroughs. Each one more amazing than the last!

In this video, I share a lot of these breakthroughs, from weight loss to keeping myself small in order to keep myself safe.

Happy watching!

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