How to have more energy (3 Kinds of Fatigue)


If you want to have more energy, this video is for you. Breaking past emotional fatigue will fundamentally change your energy levels.

In this video, we talk about the three kinds of fatigue and emotional energy.

Physical Fatigue
Emotional Fatigue
Conditional Fatigue

Physical Fatigue:
The process of our body getting tired.

Emotional Fatigue:
The process of our emotions and the back and forth we playing in our mind making us tired.

Conditional Fatigue:
Usually something medical that should be taken seriously.

This video is about how to have more energy and emotional fatigue. Through my own journey of deep emotional surrender, I’ve learned that most of my fatigue was emotional.

I’ve learned through surrender that this fatigue has been a result of decades of mental and emotional in-fighting with myself.

Working on that, letting that go and moving beyond that has given me more energy than I could have ever hoped for.

Why? Because our physical energy far outruns our emotional energy.

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