How to say NO and stop being a PUSHOVER!


It is hard learning how to say no. Developing the skill on how to say no often can come from healing. Once you've healed the block, saying no is easy.


Want to learn how to be better at saying no? Well, it’s time to end that cycle. In this video we break down the healing relationship with saying no and being a bit of a pushover.

Basically, it is rather simple really. If you heal how you feel in the space that you can’t say no to, you’ll find yourself being pushed out of it rather quickly and you’ll learn to say no.

WHY? At the very least you’ll have discovered how painful it has been.

We keep being brought back to these situations because we consistently either numb the pain or belittle our own desires. Sure there is more to it than this, but for the purposes of this video, that’s all I’ll share.

Watch the video, found out more, and get ready for my latest online course to be dropped soon!

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