What is a core wound?


A core wound is a blockage with extra steps. In this article we break down what a core wound is, a blockage and why you shouldn't really take it any more seriously on your healing journey.

A core wound is itself something that holds you back. In this article we will break down exactly what a core wound is (in simple terms) and if you wish to heal a core wound cover that a little bit as well.

The way to heal a core wound is through deep emotional surrender.
The way to heal a core wound is through deep emotional surrender.

So what exactly is a core wound?

Think of a river. With a river the water that flows. In your life, you are this river and the water that is flowing is the events that run through it. Anything that disrupts the flow of events in your life is what we call a blockage. My work with private coaching is itself all about healing blockages making life run easier. Blockages to love, health, money, better sex… YOU NAME It.

A blockage might be simple. It could be a thought or belief that doesn’t serve you. That alters your perception of reality to one that doesn’t allow the energy of your life to move forward. In essence, blockages are cross-disciplinary. A blockage that might effect your relationships could also effect your workplace.

For example, if you are uncomfortable with a certain kind of stress it won’t matter if it is in your relationships or your workplace.

A core wound, on the other hand, could be considered a foundational blockage. A deep experience that other blockages are based on. This could be an experience, a thought or unprocessed emotion.

An example of this might be a childhood experience that causes you to believe that relationships are hard, then after that all other experiences can re-affirm that belief and then in turn become a blockage.

How do we deal with a core wound?

Look back at the previous section. Notice how I describe a core wound as something that “COULD” be considered a foundational blockage. That is because the anatomy of a blockage and a core wound are actually foundational the same and are healed the same. In actual fact, calling a blockage a core wound can actually BE a wound in itself. By giving it this label could we give it extra significance, significance that you would have to heal. This significance, once healed, gives it perspective. Perspective to see that it is no more serious than any other blockage.

Since a core wound is actually just a blockage, we can sort of forget about it. There is no need to make it bigger or smaller than it actually is. We can look at it, feel it, emotionally surrender to it to let it pass and then move on with our life.

It is to this extent that a core wound is essentially a blockage with extra steps. That is all it is, nothing more nothing less.

Once we have emotionally surrendered to how a core wound or blockage feels at any given point in time, if even just for a moment, it begins to heal.

That is the core of my work and the core of healing in itself.

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